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Get your hearing aid or hearing implant fine-tuned and train your ears with music

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HearArt Technologies' unique combination of software and hardware allows users of hearing-assistive prosthetics (aids and implants) to reach the full potential of their hearing. Our AI-based approach combines extensive hearing assessment, precise fitting of acoustic devices, and auditory training and rehabilitation.

how we do it

We begin by generating a highly accurate profile of each individual's hearing needs and customize the process with a repetitive strategy of Assessment-Fitting-Training (AFT). Our specially designed algorithms can optimize the performance of any listening device, regardless of manufacturer, bringing true acoustic improvement to the impaired auditory system.

the trilogy of assessment - fitting -training

smart assessment

We use specialized, proprietary tests, many of which go far beyond typical clinical praxis. The information is optimized in real-time to ensure an accurate audiological profile while keeping testing time to a minimum.

device fine-tuning

Our fitting technique uses novel mathematical and biophysiological frameworks, data analysis, and AI decision-making to create optimal maps for the user’s device.

aural music training

Our AI systems re-train and sharpen the user’s hearing with individualized audio material, customized for each patient's auditory profile, listening preferences, and hearing device.

our services were made for you
and powered by the cloud

remote services

Our applications and services strongly rely on cloud technologies and are easily accessible anywhere at any time. Simultaneously, they are compliant with the most strict international security guidelines for health information systems.

personalized treatment

Engaging with consumers and improving the end-user experience is our primary concern. We provide the appropriate tools to our customers to personalize their assessment-fitting-training programs and monitor their own hearing fitness regularly.

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true sound - finally!

When I had my first assessment and fitting with HAT’s products, I’ve used my cochlear implant for 4 years. I could hear more details of a sound within a couple of minutes!

Alberto Duncan

I bought a hearing aid 3 years ago. Since then, I received several fittings of my device to improve my hearing. Surprisingly, no one comes even close to the sound I experienced from HearART Tech services.

Juddy Sutton

HAT’s music training programs is just awesome! I just couldn’t believe that I would enjoy so much listening to music with my device! Keep up the great work!

Walter Hook

the team

Georgios Papadelis

Georgios Papadelis, PhD

Research & Development linkedin logo
Nikos Hadjianastasiou

Nikos Hadjianastasiou, MSc.

CEO linkedin logo
Konstantinos Pastiadis

Konstantinos Pastiadis, PhD

CTO linkedin logo
Argyris Spyridis

Argyris Spyridis, MSc.

Business Development linkedin logo
Adriane Trash

Adriane Thrash

Investment & Marketing linkedin logo
Chris Syleos

Chris Syleos

Software Development linkedin logo
Andreas Trantidis

Andreas Trantidis

Software Development linkedin logo
Asterios Zacharakis

Asterios Zacharakis, PhD

Data Analytics
Ioannis Hadjianagnostou

Ioannis Hadjianagnostou, MSc.

Software Development
Vasilios Barlagiannis

Vasilios Barlagiannis, MSc.

Music App Development
Dimitra Trouka

Dimitra Trouka, MSc.

Music Rehabilitation

strategic advisory board

Sebastian Foidl

Sebastian Foidl

International Sales Area Manager MED EL GmbH, Austria
linkedin logo
Andreas Hohmann

Andreas Hohmann

International Sales Manager audifon GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
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scientific advisors

Kostas Markou

Kostas Markou

Professor in Otorhinolaryngology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
linkedin logo
Giorgio Kyriafinis

Giorgio Kyriafinis

Dr ENT AHEPA Hospital Thessaloniki
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hear art technologies joins forces with kiss my button

Hear Art Technologies and KissMyButton https://kissmybutton.gr/ have begun a strategic partnership for product development. The new initiative pairs their technological expertise to create a cloud-native infrastructure and resources for further optimizing Hear Art Technologies’ innovative system to deliver personalized, high-value services to Hearing Implant and Hearing Aid users anywhere at any time.

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hear art technologies obtains ip clearance, ready for full development

HearArt Technologies has officially spun out of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with the sign of a technology transfer agreement. The company now holds the license to its IP and can move ahead with its plans to commercially exploit its products and system. Hear Art Technologies’ original research and innovation began in the University’s Sound & Music Technology Laboratory. The company is developing a unique, AI-powered solution for improving the hearing capabilities of people with hearing loss who use auditory aids or hearing implants. The system will benefit device-users, along with healthcare/hearing practitioners and manufacturers of hearing aids & implants.

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strategic partnership with anthology ventures

To accelerate the company's growth, Hear Art Technologies teamed up with Anthology Ventures https://anthologyventures.com/, an Angel Studio and venture-builder for startups. Anthology joined HAT as a co-founder and will work to enhance their operations, business development, and scaling strategy.

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